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For partners

As HRC TSM partners you helped us to become one of the leading providers of recruitment services in Russia.

Thus the least we could do for you - is to fulfill our commitments as before and to continue providing you first-class services.

Beginning a collaboration we are targeted at providing extra prompt result to our partners.

Basing on methodical researches of the market in directions challenging for HRC TSM:

  • We master the situation of the market and principal tendencies
  • We possess a unique CV base
  • We are in constant contact with interesting candidates including those who are not in active job search, but ready to consider interesting proposals.
  • We optimize and enlarge resources (including international ones) on various business directions.

We work with Middle and Top level vacancies of business directions we freely orient ourself at and possess information to provide the partner hight-quality and time-efficient result.

That is why when receiving clinet's prject in operation we first of all evaluate our experience, potential and possibilities and frankly negotiate with our partner.

Feedback of our partners